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After a short break, I’m returning to the (legitimate) blogosphere. I needed some time to reclaim my life as a college student. I don’t know that my grades will be any indication of this, but… I think I’ve managed to re-establish school as a top priority over my job and television (my two greatest loves).

“Bobby Pens” is a pet project I’ve wanted to get started for a short while and I’m excited to finally be giving it a go. It’s going to take me a while to get into the groove of things, but such is blogging. You feel awkward because at first you are speaking to no one and yet, you are potentially speaking to anyone and everyone with an internet connection. And you really hope they pay attention… It feels a little like reliving your first junior high school dance all over again. “Will those people like me? What if I say something stupid?”

But like I’ve said before, LiveJournal has fully prepared me for that. If LiveJournal doesn’t epitomize every aspect of the massive and evolving blog dominion… well then nothing does.

Anyway, I’ve gotten some useful feedback on Bobby Pens from my PR professor, but I’m hoping to get feedback from anyone who passes by, too. So feel free to comment with whatever’s on your mind, especially if you feel like I could be explaining something better.

I’ve added some more links to the Bobby Pens Sidebar in light of social media Websites I’ve been using for years, but initially overlooked when I started this blog. These include: Yelp (I love this site) and LinkedIn (my mom loves this site). You should definitely be familiar with these Web sites, too. The sites I categorized as social media may not be “classic” social media networking sites, but they are social media nonetheless. They unify people with a common interest and provide multiple forums for them to share information and opinions. In Yelp’s case, the commone interest is food and dining. In LinkedIn’s case, the common interest is Human Resources and  networking across every job industry imaginable.

I just think we should start re-working our opinion of what defines a social media Website, since humans (even bloggers in their pajamas in the middle of the afternoon) are sociable creatures and will find a way to create strong social bonds in any situation.

Websites originally intended to provide a basic service of question answering now have elaborate systems in place for visitors to establish relationships with other users. I love that. It’s exciting to watch social media sneak into traditional, “Web 1.0” models of Website construction and completely change the way information is shared online.


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