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It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve just completed a challenging week of final exams and if everything goes according to plan, I will be a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication in 8 long days…

While I was taking a break from blogging, I’ve been working on some new ideas for Bobby Pens.  It took me a few weeks after joining in February for a class assignment, but I am now completely and totally addicted to Twitter. I had just a basic personal account when I first joined, but about a month in, I suddenly “got it” and became the micro-blog within the Bobby Pens blog.  You can and should use your Twitter account as an extension of your blog. I’ve found it doubles the interactivity.

  • A micro-blog is the same idea as a regular blog but it consists of much shorter written, audio, or visual entries (there are also macro-blogs, discussed on Bobby Pens as well).  The recommended length of a blog post is 250-500 words.  A micro-blog can be one sentence, 140 characters, a three-photo photo essay, a ten second video clip, a text message, or a quick status update on a larger social networking site, for example.
  • See: Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, Jaiku, Plurk for examples of micro-blogging platforms.

There are some great Tumblr “Tumblelogs” out there ( and, but Twitter is my micro-blogging drug of choice.  It forces me to confront my problems with brevity (you are limited to 140 characters per “tweet”).  It also reminds me how profound writers can be when they use their words (and multimedia) judiciously.

So I’ve decided to start tweet-logging, yet another term that I thought I’d invented, but to which someone already beat me. Life goes on… I suppose.

  • Tweet-logging is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a log of your tweets.
  • You don’t have to do it on your own.  There is software that automatically updates your regular blog with your tweets for the day (for example, LoudTwitter).
  • I will be manually tweet-logging, to showcase my favorite tweets on Bobby Pens and elsewhere. You can see a full feed of my tweets on the left-and side of this blog, or of course by visiting my Twitter page.

Unfortunately, there are no formal tweet-logs that I could find to share with you… Tweet-logs pop up in various forms on plenty of blogs, but always part of a larger blog, like this one.  But this is the internet. Give it some time!


So I’m still fumbling around this blog, getting into my guh-rooove thing. I really like the concept of live-blogging because I love taking notes. (Yes, you should sit near me in that 8 a.m. lecture on communications law).

I watch pretty much every episode of the Tyra Banks Show now that I’ve been blessed with a DVR. Before that, I just scheduled my classes around it…

Why not do something more productive with my “Tyra-Time”? Haha, okay, well something that at least makes me feel productive.

Some notes on how I plan to live-blog:

· I know… this isn’t technically liveblogging because I’m not watching a live event and I’m not in actually in the studio during taping (weep). So I’m just going to stick that “semi” in there and go on about my business.

· My timestamps are somewhat arbitrary, I have no way of knowing when each aired segment really happened, so I instead give the place in the DVR recording. Six minutes into the program is 0:06, and so on. Not exactly military precision, but it gets me by.

· My method: I take notes on the show as I watch, and type them up. Then I clean it up before I post. Again, I think this goes against the true nature of live-blogging, because it’s not a live recap of what I’m seeing, but it makes for clearer, more concise reading. I can always share my “live” notes on the show with whoever wants them, if that helps matters any.

Alright, so check back often for my semi live-blogging of the Tyra Banks Show. Especially if you miss Tyra because you work or go to school, and don’t yet have a DVR. I feel your pain, and I feel strongly that no one should go without his or her Tyra fix. Ever!

This entry is perhaps not technically live-blogging, since I DVR’d the show and watched it the next day. But post-show-live-blog I must when Tyra compels me so!

A while ago (scroll down what? two entries), I wrote about Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee appearing on the Tyra Banks Show. The quasi schadenfreude I experience when watching this talk-show continues, as Tyra continues bridging worlds that are as diametrically mismatched as ketchup on cornflakes. It gets so uncomfortable on that set that I often bury my head under covers, just watching from my sofa.

Levi Johnston, father of Bristol Palin’s baby Tripp, went on the Tyra Banks Show to talk about his experience dating Bristol and dealing with media scrutiny during the campaign… But it got awkward. Fast.

I’m not going to fixate on Levi’s explanation that he started dating Bristol because her family hunts, or Tyra’s probing about the safe sex practices between Levi and Bristol. I will, however, commend Tyra on getting to this interview first. Is Katie Couric somewhere, kicking herself?

How does Tyra, still a budding executive producer get these exclusive interviews? I wonder less about Tyra’s prowess in TV production and more about the family’s motives for choosing the Tyra Show as a venue to “set the record straight.” Who are they telling their story to, and how does a show aimed at a diverse audience of young women meet that goal? We’re going to see more from this family and it might not be pretty…

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