About Bobby Pens, the blogger

I am a proud Philadelphian living in Boston who has been blogging before there was such a thing. A new media enthusiast with the heart of a traditionalist.  A loyal laggard, an unintentional early adopter.

For three years, I interned in the education and community outreach department of Boston’s largest theatre company. As part of my work, I managed a touring production performed by and aimed at middle- and high-school students. I currently work as a supervisor for at-risk teenagers as they receive training in job and college readiness. I never expected to be doing this type of work, but the more unexpected my assignments were, the more I learned from them. I hope my work will prepare me for a career in marketing and community/ public relations for nonprofit organizations.

I am a proud alum of Boston University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies (Mass Communication). I was often asked, “What the heck does ‘communication studies’ mean?” And this may shock you, but the study of communication was never a sufficient explanation…

I used my Comm. Studies major to study as many aspects of business communication as possible. I took courses in public relations, advertising, marketing, new and social media, journalism, public opinion, communications research, promotional videos, brochure writing, graphic design… and that was after switching from a psychology major.

Over the course of four very busy years, I began to consider who gets to define a medium… I’ve learned a lot about new media through professors who studied traditional media. As someone who’s been involved in social media since its infancy stage, I love watching its expansion. But I worry when I see social media being used to replaced traditional media (newspaper, television). I think the people who use a medium the most should get to define what it is and what it does. I’m interested in keeping social media in the hands of people who value actual communication.

About Bobby Pens, the blog

It only makes sense then, that Bobby Pens is a blog about communication…

Being able to write about a pastime I have always found fascinating and adding my own insight and opinion gives me hope that I will eventually find something interesting to say.

I write with my mother in mind, who is new to blogging and new media (and who reads my blog, Hi, Ma!).  But I also write for the avid blogger/social media junkie who, like me, gets excited when they start to talk about a new Website, even as their audience’s eyes begin to glass over. For the communications student who doesn’t really care if a campaign is technically PR or marketing or advertising, they just think it’s cool. For the avid Tyra Banks fan.  If any of this makes sense to you then we’ll get along swimmingly!