People say great things on Twitter.  It’s the short format… It forces you to really think about the efficacy of 140 characters.  So as I said before, I’m starting a tweet-log of some of my favorite tweets, by myself and by others.  Below is one of my all-time favorite tweet exchanges from my earlier days on Twitter. If it’s ever happened to you then you know how exciting a reply from a Twitter-lebrity is.

A brief exchange with anti-PR celeb Amanda Chapel on March 6th:

 BobbyPens RT @TDefren “This Blog Post is Not About Skittles” Gotta say this Skittles gimmick does not excite me.

amandachapel@BobbyPens “Gotta say this Skittles gimmick does not excite me.” Excuse me, but for most social media vagrants, Skittles is high art.

BobbyPens@amandachapel Those vagrants need to be put in their place on this one… Skittles are fruit-flavored candy for cryin out loud!

I still remain unimpressed by Skittles, for the record. You need to have a Website. I don’t care how Web 1.0 that sounds!