Every day I receive at least 10 direct messages via Twitter, inviting me to click a link and find out how so-and-so got over 16,000 followers in less than 90 days, or how so-and-so got 15,625 followers in 30 days, and so on. “Dominate Twitter!” they write, as if that’s supposed to excite me into a clicking, re-tweeting frenzy.  Why would I try to dominate Twitter? I love Twitter! Besides, Facebook couldn’t even do it…

I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings, “@SocialMediaGuruExtraordinaire,” but I will never click your link. I don’t want a million followers. And more importantly, I do not want that many followers in 30 days.

I would never get to meet them!

Sure, like every blogger I want people to visit my blog. It’s almost as important that they like it. But the fun of Twitter is the people (my tweeps). And how is one supposed to get to know their followers if they just blindly collect them like Beanie Babies? I know it’s been said that there’s no one way to use Twitter, and I agree. But man, there are plenty of awful ways to use it. Depending on your reasons for creating an account, Twitter relationships should purposeful. The tacky follow-mongering is really not a good look.