…I don’t see how anyone does it. I can barely remember Comcast channels to get my morning Golden Girls fix, let alone words and sentences and grammar and syntax and punctuation


I have some new posts planned for the week, which for me should kick in around Tuesday:

·         Ode to the Sims 2, top-selling, awesome-est video game of all time

·         Live-blogging from the ER, how I spent my Saturday night


I am still trying to get into the Bobby Pens groove. Every time I want to focus on PR or social and new media, Tyra Banks does something fantastic on her show. And I get the urge to write about it. I appreciate singularly focused blogs, so it keeps me on the edge of my seat when I think about the many courses this blog could run. But blogging is exciting and I’ve had so much fun starting this blog and getting involved in the Twitter-sphere (twitter.com/BobbyPens). I’m meeting awesome people and learning a lot. My next goals are to buy a domain name or two and to try my hand at website construction. Any pointers you have, I’m all ears! Seriously. Nothing but ears here, folks.