So I’m still fumbling around this blog, getting into my guh-rooove thing. I really like the concept of live-blogging because I love taking notes. (Yes, you should sit near me in that 8 a.m. lecture on communications law).

I watch pretty much every episode of the Tyra Banks Show now that I’ve been blessed with a DVR. Before that, I just scheduled my classes around it…

Why not do something more productive with my “Tyra-Time”? Haha, okay, well something that at least makes me feel productive.

Some notes on how I plan to live-blog:

· I know… this isn’t technically liveblogging because I’m not watching a live event and I’m not in actually in the studio during taping (weep). So I’m just going to stick that “semi” in there and go on about my business.

· My timestamps are somewhat arbitrary, I have no way of knowing when each aired segment really happened, so I instead give the place in the DVR recording. Six minutes into the program is 0:06, and so on. Not exactly military precision, but it gets me by.

· My method: I take notes on the show as I watch, and type them up. Then I clean it up before I post. Again, I think this goes against the true nature of live-blogging, because it’s not a live recap of what I’m seeing, but it makes for clearer, more concise reading. I can always share my “live” notes on the show with whoever wants them, if that helps matters any.

Alright, so check back often for my semi live-blogging of the Tyra Banks Show. Especially if you miss Tyra because you work or go to school, and don’t yet have a DVR. I feel your pain, and I feel strongly that no one should go without his or her Tyra fix. Ever!