I once had a communications professor who told a class of undergrad and grad students some “sad, unfortunate truths” about the world of communication. Please allow me to paraphrase a few of them so you can see the exact moment my heart sank and broke into a million, tiny, disillusioned pieces:

1)  Journalism is dying at the hands of apathetic consumers
2)  People will not take you seriously if you speak with a Southern accent
3) Today’s college students are tomorrow’s illiterate fops: We can’t write worth a lick

Disheartening, right? How’s a college student supposed to enter the world with all that fresh-faced optimism when people say things like that to you?

But it’s okay. I think communications students are fighting the good fight when it comes to sifting through the mish-mosh of traditional media and new media changes that get harder to keep track of every year. There’s so many different ways our skills can be applied.

The only sad, unfortunate truth I’m seeing is that people will get left behind if they don’t learn to adapt and to grow and to maintain the same level of dignity for new media that made traditional media so effective. Even in the face of economic recession and spirit-grinding professors, it’s hard for me to feel like there’s no longer any good content to create. Or that I can’t create it.