Maybe it’s just because I like hearing the sound of my own voice, but I’m really intrigued by podcasting.

I actually thought (up until last week when I read some more of The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott) that you needed an iPod to participate in the fun. I thought, “No way am I buying one of those things, ever, awesome ads be damned.” Then I shook my fist in the air for emphasis, except no one around me knew why. I can be a total laggard when I feel like it, solely for the sake of being loyal. I’m just coming to terms with the grief I feel for storing my CD player indefinitely in an unmarked bin with the rest of my reject gadgets (I’ll come back for you yet, Lite Brite). I swear that CD player gave me the saddest face you’ve ever seen on a faceless object.

As an aside, I actually got my first mp3 player six years ago, when mp3 players were still fairly new. It was a 20GB Rio Karma and cost well over $300, twice as much as a flash version costs today. It was a hard drive model and within two months of owning the thing, it froze and refused to reboot. Will you judge me for crying that day? Because I did. It took me three more years to be able to trust an mp3 player again. And even then I went with a 2GB model just so I wouldn’t have to get too attached.

But that was the (tragic) past. Could there be podcasts in my future?

CNET thinks so. And as part of their Weekend Project series, they are offering to walk us through the basic process. The steps they cover in this how-to article are:

  • Breaking into podcasting
  • Tools for podcasting
  • How to plan a podcast
  • Podcast-recording software
  • Actually recording your podcast
  • Editing and saving podcasts
  • Publishing your podcast
  • Testing your podcast feed (This is where you quiz listeners on everything you podcasted that day. You know, what you ate for breakfast, that sort of thing)

Here is the article. What do you plan to do with it?